Careers at Genecloud

Biology is going digital. Ready or not, your most personal information — arguably the information that makes you you — is going online. Who will have control over the use of this information? How will your privacy be protected in this new world? Does maintaining privacy mean that your data cannot be used in research? At Genecloud, we’re building the technology that will strike a balance between privacy and access, enabling life-saving research while respecting the rights of patients. Intrigued?

Platform Engineer

About Your Role

The Genecloud platform manages the interaction between sensitive information and the programs that rely upon it. As a programmable platform, Genecloud will enable our users — researchers, clinicians, pathologists, epidemiologists, etc. — to build workflows that access sensitive data with minimal disruptions to existing software and practices. That means a world-class set of APIs and user-facing tools across desktop and mobile environments. You will be an advocate for our customers, developing applications on the Genecloud platform and helping to define its features to create an elegant, useful, and compelling experience.

About You

Ideally, the list below describes you. But keep in mind that we’re looking for the right person, not a list of keywords.

  • You need to be comfortable learning and working with a very wide variety of development tools and environments. We’re a startup project, and you’ll have to wear many hats.
  • Passionate about technology, but not dogmatic — a practical, “right tool for the job” mentality.
  • Proficient in Python and at least one other imperative language.
  • Exposure to the functional programming style, whether in a language like Javascript or in a functional language like Clojure, Erlang, Scala, or Haskell.
  • Some ability in Javascript, even if not an expert.
  • Absolutely at home in Unix. Able to administer Linux systems.
  • Comfortable with REST API design and conventions. Experience developing apps using MVC frameworks like Django or Rails.
  • Familiarity with relational and NoSQL databases.
  • Experience working with Amazon Web Services or similar.
  • Expertise, interest, and experience in biological sciences or biomedical engineering (especially genomics or bioinformatics) are very welcome.


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