Analysis + Privacy = Genecloud

Analyze genomic data and collaborate with remote colleagues without compromising on privacy. By managing the interaction between analytics and sensitive data, Genecloud strikes the balance between access and privacy.

Flexible Workflow

Build state-of-the art, reproducible pipelines using third-party and custom tools and run them in a secure environment.


Built-in policy management tools ensure that sensitive information is accessed and used according to the wishes of the stakeholders.


Built to scale to eliminate expensive, error-prone, and tedious tasks of managing IT infrastructure for bioinformatics.

Use Cases

Access Rules

Set fine-grained access rules to govern how sensitive data and analysis programs are used.


Share data with colleagues. Allow third-party analytics without disclosing your raw data to third parties.


Review all access to your sensitive data. Exactly reproduce analyses for audit or publication.


Automate consent management. Analyze protected data according to policies set by stakeholders.


Build custom pipelines from best-in-class tools provided by Genecloud, or upload your own custom components.


Execute your workflow in a secure execution environment that protects sensitive data and intellectual property.

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