Genecloud Platform

Genecloud is a platform for secure, trusted storage and analysis of genomic and other medical information. It is specifically designed to address issues of genomic privacy by allowing users to interact with sensitive data through computer programs — trusted analytics — whose operations are governed by policies determined by the various stakeholders in the data.
  • Access to an execution sandbox that helps to control the disclosure of sensitive information.
  • Ability for researchers to collaborate and share results without having to move large datasets or lose control of sensitive underlying data.
  • Ability for quick customizable pipelines.
  • Full set of policy controls to manage access to data by individuals or groups.
  • Fine-grained access control rules:
    • Setting policy based on geography.
    • What data attributes are off-limits for access by a given party.
    • Limiting access to the data in a way that maximizes anonymization.
  • Detailed audit log of all actions that have been taken so that auditors can review past history:
    • What data has been uploaded.
    • What programs have been run using that data.
    • What data has been accessed from the system.

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