Trusted Analytics

Genecloud is a platform for secure, trusted storage and analysis of genomic and other medical information. It is specifically designed to address issues of genomic privacy by allowing users to interact with sensitive data through computer programs — trusted analytics — whose operations are governed by policies determined by the various stakeholders in the data.

Genecloud manages the interaction between analytics and sensitive data by executing analytics programs in a trusted execution environment that carefully governs and audits the resources used by programs. The trusted execution environment is a secure sandbox that helps to limit the disclosure of sensitive information by accident or by intention. This model allows for the safe execution of third-party analytics as well as from software tools curated by Genecloud.

Genomics API

Trusted analytics programs access sensitive data over a rich genomics API, with each access verified seamlessly for compliance with data access policies. The Genecloud API is fully compatible with the interfaces under development by the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health, an organization of genomics experts defining the next generation of standards for storing and interacting with genomic data.

Data Distribution

The Genecloud execution model allows for distributed deployment, often a requirement for reasons of law and logistics. Under the distributed model, trusted analytics computations are sent to multiple execution environments, each possibly operating in accordance with distinct local policies and regulations. This model allows researchers in one locale to interact with distributed data sets as if they were local while ensuring compliance with data access policies. The use of genomics APIs allows for integration with external databases that implement the necessary interfaces, or through an adaptation layer. A flexible trust management infrastructure ensures that each interacting system can be certified as a trusted participant in the system.